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Introducing our one-of-a-kind JEWEL PIECES to you…

Personally presenting our cache of jewels at juried shows, trunk shows, and charitable venues is the primary way we introduce and offer our one-of-a-kind jewel art pieces for purchase.  Our most extensive showing is at our three-day annual fall open house … which excitedly has grown larger each time we open our doors to our clients and friends for browsing, munching and great conversation!

A limited selection of our work can be found on display (for browsing or purchase) at a few, select small businesses in the Central PA area.

A sampling of our jewels appears on this site to give you a glimpse of what you can expect to experience when you join us at one of our venues throughout the year.

See something you like or have an idea for a personal creation…we welcome the opportunity to collaborate with you one-on-one (in person or by phone) to translate your vision into your own personal jewel creation.

Gift Certificates are available for purchase.

Think it would be fun to host your own Jewel Fest in your home for your family and friends … just let us know and we would be happy to share how we can make that happen.

Neckpieces Pendants Copyright© Imagination in Glass 2019


 This is a surreal time for the world.
  Who could ever imagine we would be here now.

 As high riskers, Don and I are staying home with our five kitty girly girls    and are focusing on staying positive and remaining healthy.

 As the beauty of spring renews the earth, the world rises
  and continues to battle the virus. We pray the strength
  and actions of many will overpower and defeat the enemy.

 Imagining a return to calm and a renewed sense of normalcy
  we look forward to once again being with our family, friends
   and clients with a grateful heart.

 Until then we urge you to use your imagination...
  take a few moments of your time...
  and create something  simple and beautiful,  that will bring
  a smile to your face and others😘


Candace & Don were awarded the Judges' Choice Award at the 44th annual Mount Gretna Outdoor Art Show for creativity, originality, technique, design and presentation on Sunday 8/19/18!